ADOPTION: A Family Choice
cartoon kids of several races in a row
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No, not us, we haven't even
applied. But, we were able to see
the house of a family in Corvallis,
Oregon, as it was being built by
Extreme Home Makeover.  
Jessica sung for one of the stars.
Kyahna is now 11 years old, and will be entering the 6th grade
this 2013 Fall term.absolutely loves to dress up. She is my girly
girl (so fun). She has several princess dresses, and this is one
of her favorites (whichever one she is wearing is her favorite
one). I shop at places like Value Village and Goodwill, weekly,
and find some wonderful dress-up clothes, toys, and school
clothes for the kids. She just lost her first front tooth a few
minutes before I took this picture.
Markus, who is now 8 years
old, is our youngest child.  
Ok, Markus at 3 years old!!  This is
Markus's version of "Hide & Seek." He
was pretty happy with his hiding spot,
LOL.  He is now 8 years old, and can
find the best spots to hide.
Izaiah, on the left, was 8 in this picture, now 17,
Carlos was 5 years old, and now is 14 years old.
They are so happy to be with each other.
Rita, Roger and Sandy in their Sunday clothes
Our three little ones, (2000):
Sophia, left, then 2 1/2 years old, now 14,
Rozy then 5 years old, now 18,
and Izaiah then 4 years old, now 17.
Moranda, is now 19
years old. She is delightful,
intelligent, beautiful, a bit
spoiled, & determined to
make a mark on this world
in spite of having Cerebral
Palsy. She arrived home in
June of 2002.  She is a
songwriter, and hopes to
go into the musical field, or
go to law school, or
become a counselor or
divider-cartoon people of several races, in native costumes
Santa Claus with mouth wide open, and 4 of my cute kids
1998: picture of some of my kids. This is Jessica,
9, Rozy,3, Izaiah, 2, and Matthew, 4 1/2. This
has gotta be the "REAL" Santa, don't you think?
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Family Pictures
is a page of pictures of our
family...obvious, I know, but I
needed to fill in this space.
Sophia  Now is 16 years old,
and is Rozy, Izaiah, Carlos, Kyahna
and Markus's birth sibling.  She is a
Junior in High School.
Matthew was born in Korea, and has Tuberous
Sclerosis, and a brain tumor. I share my fears, my frustrations,
my anger, my faith, my hope, my joy. It's a long page, though!
Misty who is 30 years
old, born in Korea and
has Cerebral Palsy.  
Misty is now a mom to
my darling little
grand-daughter, Genna.
school picture of Janice
Jessica now 24
years old, is blind and
wants to be a singer.
Carlos is now 14, as of July
2013.  He will be in the 8th
Anthony  Is from the Phillipines, and is now 33
years old.  He has a shunt for hydrocephalas, is
developmentally delayed, and works at Goodwill.
Joshua, is 32 years old, has Down's
Syndrome, and had heart surgery for a
complete AV canal (heart).  He knows
everyone in town and works at Lane
Community College.
Becca is 34 years old, has
Down's Syndrome and repaired
cleft palate & lip.
Adult Kids who are now "On Their Own":
bouquet of flowers used as a link to Karla
Krysta is now 20 years old and was born
weighing only 1 pound 4 ounces!! She has a
part time job at a jewelry making store, and is
living in a wonderful Adult Group Home. She
is getting more independent, and currently has
a boyfriend!!
link to Tom-picture of an oriental boy in a wheelchair, with balloons tied to his chair
Todd, our 17 year old son. We
adopted him when he was 3 1/2
years old, and he had many
handicaps such as: totally blind
and deaf, profoundly retarded,
and he had hydrocephalus,
seizures and Cerebral Palsy. He
had the face of an angel.  He is
now one of God's angels.  He
died when he was about 17 1/2
years old.
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Mom's Writings.  Some of the things are: What
to do when you have a child in the hospital,
How to help the transition from foster home to
your home, and just various adoption and large
family subjects.
We were awarded the Honorary Child
Advocate Award by an adoption agency.
I/Mom spoke for a few minutes, and Janice
sang a song. I posted my "speech" on my
Award Speech Page.
Today is now July 11, 2013.  Time Flies, and my "old" website has changed.  It is supposed to be easy to make a website...we'll see.  My old one
was made by HTML codes...difficult, but for some really strange reason, I liked it.  Anyway...well, I tried it, and I can't figure out how to correct my
mistakes.  There are no codes, just blocks here and there that you fill in...So, come back to my site in a few weeks, and maybe I'll have it figured
out...maybe not...This page probably works, as does Matthew's page, but the others are probably a mess.

The above picture is no longer current.  The only one missing is the photographer, my son Eric. Oh yes, and Joshua isn't here...he was at a Special
Olympics practice that day. This picture actually includes my daughter, Kim and two of my grandchildren, Caleb and Maryn. We had such a great
time at the coast. We visited one of our favorite Oregon beaches, which has the neatest tide pools, and is relatively easy to get to. We did have to
carry Moranda down to the beach, (she uses a manual wheelchair),but she is pretty light. The sand was great for building sand castles, and there
were shells and rocks to collect. The weather was warm enough for the kids to wade in the water, but that did NOT include me!! I get my feet a bit
wet, and within about 3 minutes, my toes are numb. I sure don't understand how the kids stay in so long, LOL. This picture was taken in August of
Dieh and her husband, Reed, gave birth to an absolutely darling, gorgeous little boy in 2007.
His name is Waylon. He weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, and was 18 1/2 inches long. He is
soooo cute.  They now have a 2nd child, my darling grand-daughter, Lucy (named after her
Great-Grandma Lucille Rasmussen), born in 2010. Dieh was born in Viet Nam, leaving VN right
at the end of the war.  Her story of her life is amazing:  from starvation, to a Master's Degree in
Education, to a teacher and mom of two beautiful children, and wife to a fantastic man, Reed.

Update: October 27, 2009

I cannot believe I have not updated this site in ages. So much has happened, some good, and some I just ask the
Lord, "Why? I really don't need to learn more. Can't I just have a rest from all this learning thing?"

At the beginning of the year, I learned that my grand-daughter, Melissa, developed seizures. After trips to the ER
and doctor appointments, they were able to get her on the best meds, and she is doing fine, but it was a scarey

For several months, one of our teen daughters started having more then the usual teen growing up problems. It was
intensified about 100 times more then least that is how it felt to all of us. I think that prenatal drug use by
birthmom's just isn't totally understood, or recognized by women who are pregnant. Our daughter was almost an A
student, gifted at sports, loving (she would rub my feet in the middle of the night when I was undergoing chemo for
breast cancer), she was delightful, full of love and joy. Then, it seemed to be the typical teenager who "wants all the
independence, but with none of the responsibility" type of thing.

I didn't recognize that things were going to get very serious until my teen "jumped on the van." Literally, she blew up,
yelled, screamed, swore, and as I was trying to get the other kids in the big van to get them away from the "tantrum,"
she climbed on the van, jumped up and down, yelled, etc. The kids were crying and so scared. She just laughed. The
little kids, especially, could not understand how their beloved sister could be so "mean" and angry. They, then had to
deal with "I love her" and "I hate what she is doing," to "Why does she do that? I just want to go to sleep in my bed
and not have her so mad." That was said by our 4 year old.

Medication was prescribed, counseling started, but things just kept getting worse and worse. I was worried sick
about her. Finally, I had to get the police involved. It seemed that there was nothing more we could do. I learned that
the saying, "Love is not enough," was completely true. It was extra hard, because my beloved husband, Don, is not
able to be here to help. I am now a mom, parenting as a solo parent.

By the way, our daughter is doing much better. The Probation Officer is fantastic, and has worked hard to be firm
with our daughter, and help her to see things realistically. The PO has also been firm with me, teaching me that I must
become less of a softy parent, LOL. But it is true!!

Then, sometime in May, something happened to me. I say something, because I have no memory, I guess it is called
amnesia. It was due to "stress induced seizures." Luckily, medication quickly dealt it, and I haven't had any more for
months. But, during that time, I was advised not to drive. That was AWFUL!!! There was so much help from our
church, Emerald Bible Fellowship, neighbors, friends, and family, that I made it through. When I found out I could
drive (yesterday), I was like a kid who just got their license...I was almost giggly, well, I actually was giggly, LOL.

Okay, that should be enough, but about a month ago our little 8 year old daughter had a seizure. We called an
ambulance, and they started her on meds. An EEG was given, and she had a seizure right during the EEG. That was
good, because it make the diagnosis much easier. She is now on a higher dose, and hasn't had such a big seizure
since then. But, an MRI showed that she has probably had tiny ones since birth...a direct result of prenatal drug
abuse by birthmom. A preventable handicap, that will be a part of her forever. It makes me so angry to think that a
birth mom could be that hooked on drugs, to knowingly do damage to her precious, unborn child.

Well, everything else is doing fine. I have been able to pay off all bills, including both vans, and all credit cards. There
still are a few of Don's medical bills that will take 15 years to pay off, but the billers/doctors, have allowed us to
make small payments, so that is good.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us in the past few months. There were meals and rides provided through
many people at Emerald Bible Fellowship. A friend, who is an aide at an elementary school, has taken my kids to
and from school, Kim, my daughter, has taken time off work to drive me to doctor appointments or babysat kids,
my son, Darren, has spent a lot of time doing house work, taking kids to soccer games, cleaned up the yard, etc. My
daughter, Misty and her boyfriend spent several weeks, cleaning out rain gutters, going to the dump, doing yard
work, etc. My daughter, Jennifer, takes another kid to school each morning. A neighbor literally jumped over our
fence, to help babysit the kids while I went in the ambulance with Kyahna (the one who had seizures. Someone just
dropped by a couple of boxes of apples yesterday. Another person fixed our van. The list could just go on and on.

Well, I gotta finish this later, as I have to go pick up a child who is having a rough time at school. He has Aspergers
Syndrome, and...well, I gotta go. Pray for him, he is a sweetheart, and has deep feelings of love, but also deep
feelings of what he feels are injustices.
Our Christmas 2007 Newsletter
Christmas Letter for 2007.  
What is this Website all about?
I am a mom and I will share with you experiences our Christian family has had, some hilarious, some
sad, but all real.  Most of our children are adopted, so we hope to inspire others to adopt...a child or
two...maybe a child with handicaps, or older, or just plain unique.  Several of our children have
handicaps, such as blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Amniotic Band Syndrome,
Tuberous Sclerosis, etc.  
The youngest at home is our 8 year old son, Markus. We have 4 other children under the age of 18.    
My husband and I have been married for 48 years.  Our oldest child is 50, is married and has 7
children.  It gets a bit complicated, at this point, and I still haven’t figured out how to make a Family
Tree of our family.  It would definitely be a grafted tree.  Let’s see, 6 of our children (5 of them at home)
WERE our grand-children, now are our children.  Four of our grand-children are siblings to the 5
younger ones at home.  My daughter adopted two of my grand-children and are 2 of the 4 siblings.  
The 5 at home, and one more not at home, and 2 adopted by my oldest daughter, and 2 that were
living with the birth father of one of those two are ALL siblings!  Yup, a sibling group of 10.  That will be
several pages of experiences, LOL.  Our children were born in Viet Nam, Korea, the Phillipines, Brazil,
India, and several US states.
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My wonderful, loving husband, Don,
and me/Mom/Lahna...a couple of
years ago.  I am also a Breast
Cancer Survivor...of over 10 years.
Rozy joined our family when she
was only 9 months old.  She is now 18
years old (as of July 2013).  Kids grow
too fast.  She is now "on her own,"
hoping to go to college to become a
vetinarian.  Her story about her life,
and lots of pictures are on her page.
Pictures      from 2007
Our Family Summer Fun
Our home, on a beautiful acre of land, in Eugene, Oregon-Pictures
Our Children Living at Home:
Izaiah is now 17 years old,
and a senior in highschool.  
He came home to us around
6 weeks of age.  I was at his
birth, and even cut the
umbilical cord.
African American Children's Hair and Skin Care
Lots and lots of information for parents:  
hairstyles, how to directions, products to try, etc.

Adoption Information
Links to agencies, stories, photo- listing sites, etc.

Information on Blindness
Some interesting, educational websites for in
regards to children or adults who are blind.

Information on Down's Syndrome
Several organizations and support sites, and a
couple of growth charts.

Disabilities-My page on various topics for parents
of Kids who have Disabilities
You can reach me at
Khoki.  I just finished
her page, which has lots
of pictures of her
daughter (my
Tahnya, also.
Lots of Love and a Big Budget:  
How to Raise 16 children
An article in the Mom's Today internet
news about another large family.
Markus, 8          Kyahna, 11       Carlos, 14        Sophia, 15        Izaiah, 17      
Jessica, 24       Joshua,  32       Anthony, 33     Becca, 34         Geoff, 45      
Children's Miracle Network
We have helped with their
fundraising for several years.
A video/slideshow of our family.  Jessica is singing a copyrighted song that she
wrote.  Do not copy, reproduce, publish, etc. without her permission.  he second
song, wasn't supposed to be there, as the music and voice don't line up...makes
it sound like Jessica can't sing a note on key, LOL.  I have a much better copy, stop the video at the end of the first song.
Mom's Ramblings was started as a journal,
which today called a blog.  But, I didn't keep it
up...this is from 2007, LOL.
The Sheppard Family- a large, adoptive family,
from Hillsboro, Oregon.  News article from 2012.
We were one of the Runners-Up in an
Adoptive Families Video Contest.  I think
this was back in 2011, but I'm not sure.
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